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PIXY – a business of its kind in the Maldivian gift and floral industry. We are a professionally managed Maldivian establishment offering services in promoting floral products, plants, and gifts. Under the umbrella of PIXY, we provide services such as wedding and event management, rental of plants for every day needs and special requirements.

PIXY takes pride as being the first to provide all services under one roof, providing customers with wide range of fresh flowers and various types of fresh flower arrangements, choices of plants, multiple event management for different occasions.

In order to provide customers with quality fresh flowers, our products are flown from countries prominent in the floral industry, namely Ecuador, Colombia, Holland and Kenya. These superior flowers with long vase life are crafted into beautiful arrangements by well trained florists in our service.

Our products include single flowers, flower bouquets, wedding bouquets, different types of flower arrangements and floral arrangements for weddings. In addition to our flower range, we also offer various types of gifts, giveaways and exotic plants.

PIXY maintains constant availability of fresh stock of flowers throughout the year. Our flowers are stocked in a flower storage cold room with sufficient storage capacity. All flowers are delivered in air-conditioned vans to ensure their freshness and longevity.

We extend services in three categories with dedicated staff for each area. Wedding and Event Management, Rental of Plants and Flowers and Gifting are of the departments under the same umbrella. A great deal of support is extended to our customers, including giving free expert advice on flower arrangements, specially in wedding event management. Advance requests for special types of flowers are also accepted. Our products are packed in carefully crafted boxes to ensure freshness when it reaches to our customers, specially to the resort hotels and far away islands. 

Our florist takes into account the seasonality of flowers and the taste of local buyers. The colours and arrangements are based on research and we follow strict guidelines to ensure that the flowers stay in place and fresh for a long period. The flower arrangements are made with customers choice of flowers or as per their fixed budgets.

Today, we are proud to be the first business of its kind to operate with dry flowers with focus on home-decor for our clients with choices of pots and ceramic vases.

Our clientele include, famous hotel chains, government institutions, corporate customers and individual clients.

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